I had a great career as a teacher and headteacher and, when retirement loomed, I decided to take up a new hobby.  I’d always wanted to try pottery so decided to give it a go.  I was soon hooked and converted my garage into a lovely little studio where I now make all my pots.

I’ve travelled the world, both for work and pleasure.  I worked in Nassau, Bahamas for six years and frequently visit my brother and his family in Australia.  I love spending time in Crete and the Greek Islands but have also visited India, America, Japan, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, Tasmania, South America, Thailand……..

I’m lucky to have all these influences and experiences to inspire me in my work.

I live in a small village in Kent wedged between the countryside and the sea and am really loving where this new hobby is taking me.


The studio

As my curiosity grew into a passion, my garage slowly evolved into my studio. All my pottery is now handmade here, in my own backyard, in the Kent countryside.

The Great Pottery Throwdown

Those with a keen eye may recognise me and my work from Series 6 of The Great Pottery Throwdown, which aired at the beginning of 2023.

The opportunity to meet with, and learn from other potters, as well as showcase my passion to a broader audience, is one that I will never forget!